The project and partners

The Estruskey DMO association's mission is to promote and enhance the territory of Southern Etruria through a project shared by public and private actors, and with two ambitious goals:
•    to create a single territorial identity with an immediately recognisable brand, to be positioned nationally and internationally
•    to create a structured offer for tourists, networked across the territory, to meet the demand of tourists and hikers looking for real, unique experiences to talk about.
The Estruskey DMO harnesses the strengths and best practices of the area, thus contributing to increasing the territorial tourism value, which can be found in the strong and rooted presence, characterising all the municipalities involved, of the Etruscan culture.
The territory features several Major Cultural Tourist Attractions, including the UNESCO SITE of the Etruscan Necropolis of Tarquinia and Cerveteri, and enjoys richness and authenticity in terms of culture, landscape and food and wine, with a high quality of life, thanks to a relaxed and environmentally friendly lifestyle.



    Allumiere, a municipality located in the province of Rome and situated on the highest peaks of the Monti della Tolfa, is at the centre of an area rich in history and of considerable natural and archaeological interest. Its origins date back to ancient times: the Etruscan civilisation in this area is proven by the presence of the Colle di Mezzo and Bandita Grande Necropolis, dating from the 7th century to the end of the 4th century BC. Some remains of rustic villas indicate that agriculture is the predominant activity in Roman times and throughout the Middle Ages, until the discovery of the alunite quarries, a mineral from which rock alum, an important element in the manufacture of leather and textiles, is obtained.
    One event not to be missed is the Palio delle Contrade, which starts on the first Sunday after 15 August in honour of the town's patron saint, la Madonna Assunta in Cielo, an expression of a tradition dating back to 1500.
    One of the area's culinary products is Pane giallo, which is made from remilled durum wheat semolina, water and natural yeast, with no added salt.


    A municipality located in the province of Viterbo, consisting of a volcanic rise which the settlement is built on, it was probably the site of an Ancient Bronze Age village in prehistoric times.
    It is currently an example of a medieval village, where numerous archaeological excavations have been carried out in the past, including the San Giuliano N ecropolis and numerous other Etruscan necropolises, within the Marturanum Regional Park.
    An ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts, with marked trails and the option to hire mountain bikes.
    Every year, on the first Sunday in May, just a few kilometres from Barbarano, there is an ancient traditional festival during which you can taste attozzata, a warm soft ricotta cheese prepared by cheesemakers and served in earthenware bowls with slices of hard wheat bread.


    Blera, inhabited by the Etruscans and later by the Romans, became the first diocese of Roman Tuscia in the early Middle Ages. It takes its name from the Greek and indicates a type of nettle particularly found in the area. It maintains a strong culinary tradition based on the production of wine and DOP extra virgin olive oil, Maremma meat and typical desserts, including amaretto.
    Don't miss the traditional feast of St Martin , which takes place every year in November.
    One hamlet in the municipality of Blera is called Civitella Cesi, an extremely interesting, if very small, village, because it is surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and ancient Etruscan and medieval settlements. A village not to be missed, precisely because of its timeless feel and with its most famous and frequented routes.  


    It was founded at the end of the 16th century by Tuscan and Umbrian settlers and by the inhabitants of Monterano themselves, who moved here to find a less isolated and healthier location.
    It is still a very interesting place today, both from a historical and cultural point of view - due to the presence of numerous Etruscan sites and Roman artefacts - and from a naturalistic point of view, since much of the territory is included in the Monterano Regional Nature Reserve. 
    One of the major attractions not to be missed in Canale Monterano is the so-called Palio delle Contrade held every year in August: six districts compete for the Gonfalone, each with four children in the race. Participants run on an uphill road carrying a child in a special container called a "bigoncio" (Corsa del Caratello).
    Also in August, the Torneo degli Anelli takes place: it consists of hitting a number of rings suspended in the air with a stick, in an attempt to get as many of them as possible through. This competition is carried out by cowherds on horseback who also compete in another Canarian event, which takes place in the month of May: the Riarto dei Butteri.
    One hamlet in Canale Monterano is Montevirginio, where four roads still lead from today's Piazza Sant'Egidio to Oriolo, Monterano, Canale and the new hermitage.


    The town of Cerveteri overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea and is 42 km away from Rome and about 65 km from Viterbo.
    Known in ancient times by the Romans as 'Caere', it preserves the Banditaccia Necropolis, one of the best funerary expressions of Etruscan civilisation and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004.  
    The patron saint of Cerveteri is St Michael: legend has it that on 8 May 842, St Michael silenced the bells of the Church of Santa Maria, to prevent the Saracens besieging the city from being able to orient themselves using sound. The besiegers, also due to a thick fog, were forced to return to their ships and gave up the siege. 
    Cerveteri's typical and unmissable products are artichokes, which have a specific flavour drawn from these ferrous soils, and wine, which is still mixed in Fraschette. Among wine varieties, Vermentino, Malvasia Puntinata del Lazio and Trebbiano stand out in particular.
    The charming village of Ceri stands on a tufa plateau a short distance from Cerveteri. The gate set against the rock is the entrance to the tiny and charming village, with narrow streets carved into the tuff and the small square with the Chiesa della Madonna di Ceri church.


    The city of Civitavecchia is about an hour's drive from Rome.
    Facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, its history is linked to seafaring and trade. 
    Forte Michelangelo - named after the artist who probably designed the keep - is the fortress, commissioned by Pope Paul III Farnese, that has protected the port of Civitavecchia, one of the most important in Italy, since the 16th century. 
    Among the main attractions: the Ficoncella thermal baths and the Terme Taurine archaeological site which stands on a hill surrounded by greenery, about 5 km from the centre of Civitavecchia.
    Also known as Terme di Traiano, from the name of the Roman emperor who founded the city, they are one of the most important thermal complexes of the Roman age and in all of southern Etruria.
     Traditional dishes include fish soup and meatballs poached in the Civitavecchia style, sea snails, stuffed squid and fettuccine allo scoglio. 
    The most famous speciality is Sambuca, to be served alongside typical desserts such as maritozzi, Christmas biscuits and Easter pizzas.


    Ladispoli is a seaside town not far from Rome.
    There are numerous Etruscan and Roman testimonies, which make it easy to understand how this town was once the centre of an Etruscan port and a Roman colony.
    Being a seaside town, its attractions are mainly on the coast. In Marina di Palo , you can admire the Roman villa and the grotto; moving on to Marina di San Nicola, you will find the remains of the magnificent Villa di Pompeo, a structure that once occupied no less than five hectares of land. The Old Post Office, a building that encompasses more than two centuries of history. Two other landmarks of Ladispoli are the Odescalchi Castle and Torre Flavia. 
    At Monteroni there is an ancient necropolis with the remains of ancient Alsium.
    The region's speciality product is the artichoke, from which the Sagra (festival) in April takes its name, enlivening the town in a big event with shows and attractions.


    A town of Medieval origin as evidenced by its squares, historic centre and walls, 120 kilometres from Rome.
    The Guglielmi Castle, probably built in the 15th century at the behest of the Orsini family, dominates the town with its sheer size.
    Ten minutes away from the village you can visit the Vulci Archaeological Nature Park. In this area immersed in nature, there are several sites from the Etruscan period, such as the extraordinary and imposing Ponte del Diavolo (Devil's Bridge ) and the Castello della Badia (Castle of the Badia); necropolises and numerous tombs, including the François Tomb, famous for representing one of the most extraordinary displays of Etruscan painting.
    Speciality products from this area include: the green asparagus of Montalto PAT, melon, and extra virgin olive oil. 
    Typical dishes not to be missed include wild boar and jugged hare. 


    Monte Romano is a small village with a seventeenth-eighteenth century appearance, located a few minutes from the Tarquinia coast and 90 km from Rome.
    The destination for those seeking an escape from the city and smog, relaxing and in contact with nature.
    Cradle of great civilisations such as the Etruscans and Romans, the ancient village enshrines beauty, culture and history. 
    Don't miss a visit to the Respampani Fortress and the ancient churches that bear witness to a bygone era.
    For lovers of outdoor trails, there is Trail 103, which is included in the National Trail Register and thus became part of the Italian Hiking Network.
    Events to attend in Monte Romano include the Palio del Saracino and the Sagra della Carne Maremmana.


    Santa Marinella, called the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea because of the beauty of its beaches and cliffs, its numerous archaeological and natural sites, 60 km from Rome. 
    From the 9th century B.C., the settlement of Punicum, the settlement of Pyrgi (present-day Santa Severa), a likely Phoenician emporia, and finally the Roman settlement of Castrum Novumappeared in the area.
    Thanks to the historic station located in the centre of the town, it is considered among the most easily accessible seaside resorts by train from Rome. A holiday resort, where it is possible to combine the sea, outdoor sports and fun on a scale for adults and children.
    For several years now, Santa Marinella has been a meeting place for coastal surfers to ride amazing waves, all year round. 
    Santa Severais the only hamlet of Santa Marinella, as well as an important seaside tourist centre, and is home to the well-known Santa Severa Castle.
    Being a seaside resort, among the typical dishes to be enjoyed in Santa Marinella are spaghetti with clams.
    Don't miss the patron feast of San Giuseppe, on 19 March, with markets, street food and attractions for adults and children.


    Tarquinia, well known for its architectural beauty and strategic location, about 1.5 hours from Rome. 
    The medieval walls, the imposing towers and the early 20th-century Barriera di San Giusto , with a panoramic view of the Tarquin coastline, are the feather in the cap at the gates of the city. Within the walls are several striking historical buildings, including the Palazzo Comunale, the current town hall office, and Palazzo Vitelleschi , which houses the National Etruscan Archaeological Museum. 
    The Romanesque churches of San Martino and Santa Maria in Castello are worth visiting. 
    The Etruscan Necropolis of Tarquinia, a UNESCO SITE together with the necropolis of Cerveteri, is by far the most important necropolis in the Mediterranean and accommodates about 6,000 burials, the oldest of which date back to the 7th century BC, around 200 of which contain a series of highly prestigious frescoes.
    A culinary tradition closely linked to the area's seasonal products, with the production of tomatoes, asparagus, fennel, garlic, Romanesco artichokes and olive oil.
    Among the most prestigious recurring events is DiVino Etrusco; a perfect combination of wine and culture that takes place in the historic centre of Tarquinia. Wine and food tours and tastings guided by sommeliers, with the involvement of wineries producing in the Etruscan territory.


    Surrounded by nature and the Tolfa Mountains , about one and a half hours away from Rome.
    A medieval village that has maintained its rural nature and boasts important historical, craft and cultural roots. 
    Important traces of Etruscan and Roman civilisations are evident in the area. 
    Tolfa has a recognised tradition linked to horses, evidenced by the existence of an indigenous breed, the Cavallo Tolfetano.
    Tolfa has built part of its history around horses, and this is linked tolocal craftsmanship which focuses on the working of leather to make clothing and tools useful to the 'buttero' (the Tolfuan cowherd), including the famous 'catana', an international symbol of the youth protest of the 1970s.
    Today, the village is famous for its cultural activities and international festivals such as TolfArte, the Festival of Street Art and Artistic Crafts, TolfaJazzand many other events.






Adecco is the first employment agency in Italy: it works to match job supply and demand, with a multifunctional intermediation activity. It operates not only in temporary agency work, but also in permanent agency work, search and selection, training and outplacement.
It responds to the need for protection, guarantee and professional continuity of workers and meets the need for transformation and skills expressed by companies in an ever-changing working environment.


Aquafelix is the largest water park in central Italy, located in Civitavecchia, in the province of Rome. 
Ideal for those who want to have a day of pure fun on water slides and pools for both adults and kids. Its 80,000-square-metre size includes multiple attractions, refreshment areas and areas dedicated to both fun and relaxation, designed especially for all age groups. 
Every attraction that Aquafelix offers its visitors has been designed with full respect for the environment that surrounds it, almost as if it were an integral part of it. For this reason, visitors can appreciate the beauty of a park immersed in nature, discovering it step by step along the suggested routes, none of which have any barriers.


Archeoares is a service company in the cultural sector that has been active in cultural heritage, publishing and educational and tourism services for over ten years.
The company operates in several additional fields, such as:
-    Management and enhancement of sites of historical, artistic and archaeological interest 
-   Tourist services 
-    Organisation and management of events and exhibitions 
-    Publication of books 
-    Editorial services 
-   Creation of multimedia and technological services for the use of cultural heritage 
-   Teaching activities

  • ARIA’

Among the accommodation facilities between the medieval village of Ceri and the city of Cerveteri there is Villa Ceri.

Villa Ceri

Villa Ceri is a modern and elegant wedding villa on the Via Aurelia, very close to the village of Ceri and the town of Cerveteri. 
Villa Ceri's cosy atmosphere, style, comfort, professional staff and attention to every detail provide a perfect and impressive solution for your event.
Receptions can be organised here, thanks to the outdoor and indoor spaces that are the ideal setting for weddings, communions, christenings, gala dinners and meetings of all kinds.

B&B Ceri una volta 
The structure is located in the central square of Borgo di Ceri. 
The ancient houses of the village that overlook the square, the Sanctuary of the Immaculate Conception and Palazzo Torlonia are enclosed by ancient crenellated walls.
The B&B Ceri una volta is one of these old houses, on several levels with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The bed and breakfast rooms are elegantly furnished and equipped with all the comforts of a 4-star hotel. Shared lounge and dining room with kitchen facilities for guests to use.
Option to book the whole house for exclusive use.

Ristorante Aria’- Osteria di fuori porta
Modern cuisine with a traditional feel.
The location is unique. The entrance leads to the main room, which is warm, welcoming and adorned with antique furniture and furnishings in true Osteria style.
The showcases and shelves offer a preview of the vast selection of wines, curated by the Sommelier Gianluca.
A centuries-old cave dug by hand into the rock, where it is possible to have lunch and dinner, taste wine, have an aperitif and listen to live music during the events.


The Società Cooperativa Artemide Guide is run by qualified tourism professionals. Tour guides, tour leaders and interpreters, licensed operators of tourist kiosks in the Lazio Region and the archaeological sector and the protection and conservation of cultural heritage, with archaeologists and art historians. The cooperative's aim is to protect and enhance the areas of historical-archaeological, naturalistic and landscape interest in Lazio, Umbria and the Maremma, with particular focus on the Cerveteri-Tarquinia Unesco site. At the same time, it seeks to boost the tourist industry in the same areas, in order to contribute to a significant relaunch of the tourist economy in southern Etruria.


Non-profit association of artisans, traders and volunteers from the municipality of Cerveteri.


Network of 50 organic farming companies, service companies and public and private entities, interested in the enhancement of organic farming and land management and use. 
The aims and objectives of the work of the Fiumicino, Cerveteri and Litorale Romano Biodistrict Natural Reserve include: 
•    The promotion of cultivation, breeding, transformation and food preparation with organic methods 
•    The enhancement of the quality agri-food production heritage of the area 
•    The creation of networks between producers, processors and distributors of organic products 
•    The development of integration between agricultural activities and other economic activities present in the area 
•   The enhancement and promotion of the production processes of preparation, transformation and marketing of organic products; 
•   Collaboration with Universities and Research Centres


The Borghi Marinari di Roma currently include 59 tourist facilities dedicated to coastal accommodation. 
The companies involved, located in the Etruscan-Roman territory, belong to five municipalities of the northern coast of Lazio: Ladispoli, Santa Marinella, Civitavecchia, Tarquinia and Montalto di Castro.
The continuous and constant aggregation operation carried out by the Network aims to select new qualified operators in the tourism chain capable of collaborating to create innovative and integrated projects. 
Among the main objectives of the network: the collaboration between private entrepreneurs and local governance bodies working in the collective interest, necessary to lay the foundations to activate integrated coastal tourism communication and marketing actions that favour, on the one hand, the positioning of a renewed offer of services, on the other hand, the restyling of more than 100 km of coastline in the Lazio Region.


Etruscaia is located in the Maremma Laziale near Tarquinia, near the sea, refreshed by the winds, immersed in silence, with panoramic views that range over land, sea and sky, even at night due to the unusual brightness of the starry sky.
Etruscaia offers various hospitality formulas to those who decide to visit and taste the company's organic products.
The visit is always exclusive to ensure guests due attention.


Etruscaia is located in the Maremma Laziale near Tarquinia, near the sea, refreshed by the winds, immersed in silence, with panoramic views that range over land, sea and sky, even at night due to the unusual brightness of the starry sky.
Etruscaia offers various hospitality formulas to those who decide to visit and taste the company's organic products.
The visit is always exclusive to ensure guests due attention.


Hotel with SPA and Wellness Center in Lazio, a stone's throw from Rome, in Cerveteri
Charming Relais & Hotel with wellness center and Spa on the outskirts of Rome, between Cerveteri, Ladispoli, Santa Severa and Santa Marinella, on a hill, facing the sea, immersed in the uncontaminated Mediterranean scrub between Lazio and Tuscany, among brooms, rosemary, vegetable gardens and olive trees.
The climate is mild all year round. The view of the sea is enchanting, sunrise and sunset, magical. A "thoroughly" country place. Whimsical, romantic rooms and suites and authentic hospitality offer our guests a stay of absolute relaxation & well-being.
For lovers of good food there is a charming restaurant that offers typical dishes of the Mediterranean tradition every day.


Created with the aim of creating a space for specialised and constant service information on the outdoor tourism sector, it brings together the business world, local realities and companies specialising in the creation of products and services.
Camping Management online is the new FAITA-FederCamping project which aims to offer the open air entrepreneurial world an up-to-date view of current dynamics.  The main objective of the project is to expand specific knowledge of the outdoor tourism sector, with the goal of offering technical information and services for the great outdoors.


Carlo Zucchetti's food and wine magazine, specialising in food and wine topics, places the story of territories, people, suggestions, smells, knowledge and tastes at the centre of its articles. 
The main objective of this magazine is to show and know what lies behind a product: the work, the journey and the effort that lead to everyday quality. 


Award-winning oil mill. An excellence of southern Etruria.
In 1965, a group of 18 olive growers from Blera decided to unite in order to cut production costs and be able to purchase modern extraction equipment. 
Thus the Cooperativa Agricola Colli Etruschi was born. The name is a tribute to this ancient land where the Etruscans introduced olive growing.
Today, the shared project has 330 members, who cultivate over 40,000 plants spread over 800 sites in and around Blera. 


CoopCulture is one of the largest Italian co-operatives operating in services for cultural heritage and the integrated development of regions.
Today, the Cooperative is unique in the sector owing to its ability to spur on the development of regions in the entire tourist-cultural chain, and owing to its recognised aptitude for innovating and qualifying relations with the public.
CoopCulture welcomes more than 11 million visitors each year thanks to its employee members, who are engaged not only in museums and cultural sites with specialised reception and educational functions, but also in the design and development of increasingly advanced access, communication and production models and tools.
Today, the entire Coopculture system uses a single B2B and B2C business intelligence and promotional marketing technology platform - also accessible from mobile devices - that integrates all strategic functions for the visitor from the customisation of itineraries and experiences, to the customisation of cards, to the online purchase of integrated packages.


The Società Cooperativa LeAli was established in 2009 with the objective of proposing popular, educational, tourist and experiential actions to users of different types, enhancing the resources offered by the relevant regions, operating from a multidisciplinary perspective.
The cooperative is made up of environmental guides, archaeologists and tour leaders and provides a range of services:
- Creating tourist and excursion routes 
- Creating educational tours and guided tours for school camps and educational trips 
- Managing activities in museums, creation of botanical itineraries in natural green areas and parks, with the integration of sports activities of various kinds 
- Carrying out research, protection and enhancement activities in the field of cultural, archaeological and historical-artistic heritage 
- Refresher courses for primary school teachers on issues of citizenship education, archaeology and history, environmental education.


Cultura del Viaggio is an association based in Rome, whose mission is to raise awareness of travel as an opportunity for knowledge, discovery and meeting people. 
The association supports the juxtaposition of cultures and the crossing of places as a nod to individuality and variety, a willingness to listen, and respect for otherness.
It creates travel-related narratives and projects, exploring different formats and languages, in collaboration with institutions, organisations and associations.


Architectural firm run by Enza Evangelista. 
Specialising in Architectural Restoration, Building, Urban and Environmental Restoration, it develops projects for urban regeneration and enhancement of the historical heritage through contemporary architectural interventions. 
Curator of initiatives, exhibitions and conferences including the initiative "Amate l'Architettura" - 100 works designed and built in the Province, promoted by the Order and sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities - DARC, Province of Rome and various Municipalities for the promotion of contemporary architecture in the Province of Rome.


Federtrek - Escursionismo e Ambiente is a social promotion organisation with a federal structure, established in 2010 as the development of a federative experience developed at regional level. It is a federation of about 40 associations that share the same mission and work in synergy to achieve common goals. The affiliated Associations, the beating heart of Federtrek, and the Federation itself, do not operate for profit and do not provide services. They simply offer hiking, cultural and sports activities as well as ecological walks in the open air, thanks to the commitment and passion of their volunteer leaders.
Through its affiliated associations, Federtrek carries out the following activities:
•    Promotion of hiking as knowledge of the area and protection of the environment 
•    Excursions on foot, by bicycle, mountain bike; long-distance trekking 
•    Themed hikes and courses: botanical, geological, archaeological 
•   Environmental education courses also for schools 
•    Courses for Volunteer Hiking Guides 
•    Cross-country skiing, hiking and snowshoeing courses and trips 
•   Hiking, orientation, topography, meteorology and first aid courses 
•    Design and maintenance of paths

  • IN.CI.TUR SOC.COOP was born from the experience of its members gained in the world of tourism, over more than twenty years as professionals in the sector, offering tourist services in Rome and Italy to tourists, tour operators and companies from and around the world. 
It is based in Civitavecchia, the nerve centre of cruise tourism and development. 
It offers a wide range of services:
-   Tour leaders and tour guides in any language 
-   Interpreters, rental with driver 
-   Advice for tours and events 
-   Ticket office for museums and theatres 
-   Booking flights 
-   Hotel accommodation 
-    Preparation of tourist itineraries for public or private entities


Information and communication agency, specialising in the production of content for public and institutional relations.
Continuously staying up to date with communication trends, it implements traditional communication methods on a daily basis, such as press office activities, with the production of content on social media and the organisation of events.
Like the protagonist of Luc Besson's film 'The Fifth Element', LeeLoo brings added value, with its ability to adapt quickly to the changing world: that extra element for the success of your communication strategy.
LeeLoo develops integrated communication strategies, communicating your values. It produces tailor-made content relevant to your target audience and consistent with the media. It brings value to your business by creating synergies and networking.

  • MAJOR 75

Three accommodation facilities in the town of Tarquinia. 

Hotel Tarconte 

The ideal solution for those who want to experience the city of Tarquinia and get around on foot. 
Hotel Tarconte is located in the heart of the town of Tarquinia, 100 m from the historic centre.
The hotel has a restaurant and a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy views of the coast and the countryside. 
24-hour reception with multilingual staff.
The same family has been running it for 40 years.

Capanna del Buttero Restaurant
Located within the Tarconte Hotel, very traditional and in business since 1970.
The restaurant specialises in Mediterranean land-based cuisine and offers traditional local dishes, with a preference for grilled meats, homemade pasta and seasonal vegetables.

Torre del Sole Hotel & Resort
Hotel Torre del Sole & Resort, located in Marina Velca, just 10 minutes from the town of Tarquinia, is the ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday. 
The numerous services on offer make it the ideal solution for young and old alike. 
The hotel has 40 rooms, an excellent restaurant and a large sandy beach at guests' disposal. Beach café by the sea, a two-hectare garden, three swimming pools, children's playground, a sailing school and a car park. 

  • MOMENTIDIVINI (cultural association)

The 'Momentidivini' Association was founded in 2012, out of the passion and interest of its members for Italian wine and gastronomic culture, and its main aim is the dissemination and promotion of this culture.
It is based in the Cerveteri area, where interest in oenology is strong and there are numerous wineries engaged in constant experimentation and evolution.
The Momenti di Vini association offers various services, including:
-Introductory wine course 
- Professional Sommelier course at various levels 
- Local tastings in the presence of the producer 
- Wine-tasting dinners. 
- Single-theme lessons on the vines with tasting afterwards. 
- Food and wine tours lasting a single day or several days. Generally, in addition to visits to the winery, a visit to a food producer and a visit to an archaeological or historical site is always included.


Organic oil mill, located in the open countryside, in the beautiful setting of the Blera Agricultural University farm centre and with zero energy impact.
The brand new mill boasts a state-of-the-art plant with cold extraction and two-stage processing (no water addition). The electricity used is produced by the photovoltaic system covering the mill, the rooms are heating in winter with a boiler fuelled by olive pomace, while the latter is used for fertirrigation of the olive groves.



Emotion s.r.l., owner of the Pemcards brand, is an innovative Italian startup born in 2017 from the vision of the founders with a 15-year background in mailing services. The Pemcards idea was born to overcome the limits of the digital channel and reconnect people in the physical world, with a real, vintage and exciting tool! Pemcards postcards are memories and emotions on paper, to be shared with those you love. For the more expert generations, a rediscovery of the pleasure of sending and receiving postcards. For the new generations, a new way of sharing experiences.


IKO Center kitesurfing school, your professional kitesurfing centre based in Marina Velca, in the province of Viterbo.
The kite courses and lessons offer internationally recognised teaching methods.
At the end of the course, but also after each kite lesson, an IKO licence is issued certifying the degree of learning achieved.
The kite certification issued is recognised in all kitesurfing schools in Italy and abroad.
Positivekite offers the opportunity to experience the ARCHEOSUP, a fantastic trip floating on water. A splendid group SUP archaeological excursion among the archaeological remains on the north coast of Rome, in Santa Severa, at the foot of the castle of Santa Severa.
Courses offered:


Pro Loco of Civitavecchia was set up in 1999. A voluntary, private non-profit association, with public relevance and aims of social promotion, tourism, and enhancement of the natural, cultural, historical and food and wine resources of the city of Civitavecchia. 
Among its various activities, the Pro Loco carries out initiatives to develop knowledge of the town's traditions also outside the municipal area, develops social activities, promotes cultural events, organises conferences, educational courses, concerts, guided tours and events. 


The wine and typical products route of the Etruscan-Roman Lands aims to promote quality food, production-related businesses and all activities in the hotel, restaurant and service sectors related to the coastal area, while also promoting the region. 
The main product of the trail is wine, with the two DOC Cerveteri and Tarquinia and the newly created IGT Costa Etrusco Romana. 
Several typical local products are promoted, including:
-    The production of speciality vegetables such as the Ladispoli IGP artichoke, the Maccarese carrot, the Anguillara broccoli and the Tarquinia fennel 
-    Including the farms of the Fiumicino plain, in the hills from Cerveteri to Bracciano, up to the pristine pastures of the Tolfa Mountains 
-    The dairy tradition that faithfully expresses the character of these lands 
-   The historic bread of Canale Monterano, also a Slow Food product, baked in the oven according to an ancient tradition with hazelnut and almond peels.
- Fish products come from the lakes of Bracciano and Martignano and, above all, the sea, which provides the very fresh paranza fish, an indispensable raw material for the famous fish soup known as Civitavecchia.


Visual communication studio specialising in interactive visual marketing.
It has been making its own and its customers' dreams come true for almost 25 years. Such an important experience led its founding partners to develop solutions for the culture, tourism and food and wine market, making a great leap forward in quality.
Skylab was the first company to create interactive tourist signage that made cultural heritage accessible to people with disabilities. 
In recent years, the company has specialised in the use of Qr Codes, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, thanks to which it has won some of Italy's most prestigious tenders for cities such as Milan, Genoa, Venice and Siena.


The following activities: - sale of advertising space in newspapers, periodicals, TV, radio, internet, sponsorship of events and publications in general both in Italy and abroad, both directly and on behalf of other concessionaires, also through the assumption of contracts agency; - the activity of sale or rental of objects, appliances, light and sound systems, road signs, dynamics, all having advertising as their purpose, including systems intended for posting posters, both directly and on behalf of third parties; - the activity of information and propaganda of tourist initiatives; - direct activity or on behalf of other agencies, in the field of marketing and advertising both in Italy and abroad; - the sale of various publications published by Italian and foreign publishing houses.


The cooperative TAITLE Ingegno Multiforme aims to operate in the different segments of the cultural heritage through the work of highly qualified professionals who, with many years of experience, have taken care of and managed the activities of the Tolfa Cultural Centre. 
Activities characterising the action of the cooperative and its work:
-    Restoration, conservation and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of movable and immovable cultural assets on behalf of public and private entities 
-   First intervention and securing of the finds on the excavation 
-   Management of the restoration laboratory of the municipality of Tolfa 
-    Design and construction of archaeological excavations 
-   Microexcavation 
-    Design and construction of archaeological excavations 
-   Cataloguing ceramic finds 
-   Educational workshops for schools of all levels


Tecnology srl is a service company that operates in the area.
Specialized for many years in setting up large events and shows, renting state-of-the-art light and sound systems, with the use of new technologies.


Rome-based start-up specialising in the audiovisual production of virtual, augmented and mixed reality content and products involving live action and digital environments.
Thanks to the professionalism and background of its founding partners and the use of cutting-edge technology, Twiceout is able to provide innovative, immersive, modern and engaging products, guaranteeing high standards of quality at the cinematic level.


Union of industrialists and businesses of Rome, Frosinone, Latina, Rieti and Viterbo.
Unindustria is an association on a regional scale, where every entrepreneur can find what it's looking for from a large network of companies.
The system of entrepreneurs and managers works not only to represent the collective interests of its member companies, but also to accompany them in solving the problems that hinder corporate life, thanks to a solid relationship with all local and national institutions, bodies, trade unions, political movements and operating as a third party of reference, recognised in terms of planning capacity and political dialogue.


An expression of Lazio's history and community, it plays an important role in regulating the agricultural arts.
Today, the Agricultural University has significant social and economic value for the population of Blera.


The Valle del Marta in Tarquinia, in the heart of the Lazio Maremma, combines and blends together various activities such as: a hotel reception with a wellness center, an agritourism refreshment service and a farm with a distillery.
The Hotel Valle del Marta is a stylish hotel that combines luxury and comfort, the complicity of elements such as stone, wood, water and respect for conservation make it a unique place in every corner, ideal for a green holiday 'sign of relaxation and well-being.
In the agritourism restaurant, typical local dishes are offered, inspired by the local peasant tradition.
The Valle del Marta farm is now in its fourth generation, 120 years of history, a very long time where traditions and passions have given life to distillates recognized today among the best in the world.
In fact, liqueurs, grappa and brandy are produced in the distillery through the distillation of wine and pomace and aging in wooden barrels.


Wellsee is a company involved in the development, production and co-production of short films, feature films and documentaries, with a special focus on selecting talented European scriptwriters and directors.
It offers customers a wide range of services:
- Assistance for productions in preparing the application to access public funding, nationality requests, visa-censorship and tax credits 
- Support to productions in finding public or private partners.


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